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The ultimate tool for creating an Assets Library

Why do you need it?

Creating an Asset Library in Blender often takes a lot of time, rendering thumbnails for each asset, a process that's both tedious and repetitive...


Assets Library Builder 2.0

ALB2.0 is the ultimate tool for quickly creating Asset Libraries
Eliminating tedious and repetitive workflows.
With just a few clicks, you can complete all operations!

Key Features

One-Click Build Assets!

Automatically render thumbnails for multiple assets at once.

Studio Presets

Use our lighting presets to showcase your assets in the best light.

More presets will be added in future update

More presets will be added in future update

Camera Angle Presets

Instantly select and shoot from the perfect angle without manual adjustments

(Of course, if you prefer to adjust the camera angle yourself, you can do that too.)

Handy Tools

These tools can make your workflow smoother.

Set origin to bottom

Automatically sets the origin of the selected object to the bottom with just one click!

Rename tool

Automatically batch renames selected objects with a specified name plus a number, easily naming hundreds or even thousands of assets!

Here are some things you need to know
before making a purchase

- Compatibility -
Blender 3.4 ~ 4.0 Cycles & Eevee
Windows10 / 11 , MacOS , Linux
- Rendering Speed -
Rendering Speed depends on your system's performance and settings. GPU rendering is faster, while CPU rendering offers better stability.
- Studio Presets -
Studio Presets are designed for use with the Cycles rendering engine. Although most Studio Presets are compatible with Eevee, using Cycles is recommended to achieve the most complete rendering effects.

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